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Tailored Workshops Designed for your organisation

f1 Because each situation is different we customise our courses as tailored workshops to suit the specific needs of your organisation – in content and length. With your organisation as the case study, any workshop results become directly applicable to the issues you face. All our workshops can be applied in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

icon3Developing a competitive edge is fundamental to good fortune. We provide you with knowledge and materials to develop and write an effective strategic plan. Participants are supplied with a manual and Strategic Plan Template which guides plan content. The structured method and our expert facilitator cover issues such as developing strategy for a fast-paced world, designing a strategic plan that can be easily updated, turning strategy into action, linking your strategic plan to your income statement or budget, and promoting strategic thinking in your organisation.
icon4Monitoring performance and tracking success effectively is the focus of this workshop. Our expert facilitator via a structured method will assist you by covering topics such as designing outcome KPIs, developing KPIs at any organisation level, linking corporate KPIs to unit and individual KPIs, designing KPIs in service level agreements and making performance appraisals outcome-focused. Participants are provided with a manual and Scorecard Template which guides KPI development.
icon6 Is your organisation flooded with new ideas? Would you say that yours is an innovative organisation? Are you sure your managers know how to encourage innovation? If your answer to any of these three questions isn’t a resounding “yes” then this workshop may be a step in the right direction. Broken into four modules the three-and-a-half-hour session: Defines innovation, its types and sources. Employs a diagnostic with the group to analyse and discuss your organisation’s innovative characteristics. Employs a further diagnostic with the group to analyse and discuss individual manager’s innovative behaviour. Conducts a final facilitated forum on further issues that hinder your organisation from becoming truly innovative.  
icon5Business models are much talked about, but not so well understood. This workshop provides the opportunity to focus on your own business model. Our expert facilitator will help you pin your “business model” down. By providing a simple yet comprehensive approach to business model design and strategy development, you will have the opportunity to take a hard look at your organisation’s activities. We demonstrate how a clearly defined business model helps you achieve competitive success. All participants are provided with a manual.
icon7Rolling out a strategic plan across an entire organisation has been a major challenge for organisations. We review the obstacles to effective strategy implementation and consider the methods you might employ to overcome them. We take you through a series of steps to implement your strategic plan fully. Among the topics covered in the workshop and manual are: identifying underperformance issues, the impediments to change at different organisation levels, action planning, monitoring performance, and measuring results.

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